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Meet The Team!

Don't Flunk Me Records consists of four teams.

Business, PR, Marketing, and Production make up the inner-workings of the label and assure things run smoothly.

Jake Stillman

Jake had the idea to start DFMR after he noticed a trend. Many of the independent  artists he worked with had the talent and passion to release good music, but were failing to find an audience. Thinking a different approach may be needed, he got his master’s degree in music business and audio engineering training, and thought up the idea of a student-run record label.

Now two and a half years into running the label, Jake’s music industry class and DFMR have had a positive influence on the local music scene by teaching students the ins and outs of the music industry, including how to market and protect their work in order to reach a wider audience. Students in his class have gone on to find work in the music industry, successfully start their own bands, and market their songs more effectively.

flunky portrait.jpg

Flunky "the" Ghost

For centuries, the ghost of students' past has haunted the current roster of DFMR students. Flunky, we call him, is a lover of music above all else. Due to his lack of a corporeal form however, he has never been a part of a band himself. So he remedies this problem by lending a helping disembodied voice to the students, so that no one shares the same fate as him.


Business and A&R
"The Suits"


Public Relations
"The People People"


"The Mind Readers"


"The Powerhouse"
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