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Our Ethics

Don’t Flunk Me Records and its constituents strive to uphold a code of ethics designed to serve the best interests of our community. While it is clear that maintaining profitability is important to maintaining a thriving business, Don’t Flunk Me Records is a student run record label that prioritizes education, the establishment of positive relationships with our local media industry, and the vitalization of our local music scene over the strict bottom line. Our code of ethics is centered around clarity, transparency, mutual agreement and mutual benefit between the artist and label. 


Our goal is to provide the basic principles of record label mechanics, providing the back-end support an artist needs to launch an album and build a career in the music industry so that the artists can focus their energy on creativity rather than building a music business from the ground up. We strive to build community, engendering lifelong relationships with artists and industry professionals. We feel this is not possible through hiding revenue streams, demanding creative control or constructing deceptive contractual loopholes to exploit artists.


As we follow in the wake of other independent labels leveraging technology in the rapidly evolving digital landscape to reduce overhead and increase sales, we believe that our model can help set a precedent for future music industry professionals to make informed, educated decisions, and become more powerful agents of change in the music industry landscape. 

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