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          Exhaust is the second studio single released by Sonoma County based band TMFT. In anticipation of their debut EP, "Yeah Man, I'm Sure About This," Jonny J, El, and Antwon explore the universal experience of confronting overwhelming emotions while drawing inspiration from punk rock and modern indie/pop music.

"Existing is hard, man." - Jonny J

          TMFT is a Northern California indie garage rock band that delivers infectious melodies and lighthearted humor as they ignite laughter, music, and unruly excitement in every performance. The band is led by Jon and El, who are polar opposites. Jon is a mustache-sporting multi-instrumentalist with a fashion sense of a 90s sitcom dad. El is a classically trained cellist with gothic flair who was looking to branch out and try something new in her music career. TMFT’s chaotic nature is also apparent during performances where they often use props such as beach balls and a full-sized barbecue on stage, “let's go out there, make fools out of ourselves, have a good time” states founding member Jonny J.  After listening to their first single “Pink Flamingos” the students were drawn in by the band’s unique sound and storytelling born from the dichotomy between Jon’s raw energy and El’s gothic flair.

Label Team

Released by the 2023/24 DFMR class

Business and A&R:

Damen Folds, Catherine Aguilar, Irys Castellon


Liz Benincasa, Max Bohlke-Slater, Angie Eggers, Dieneji Hernandez, Levi Sanchez


Thomas Whitaker, Jake Fuiten, Cam Bermender, Gabriel Hebert


Alex Fabian-Davies, Ben Harp, Alan Cazares Tapia, Joel Johnson

Production Credits

Mixing/Mastering Engineer - Jake Stillman

Mixing/Recording Engineer - Jake Stillman, Joel Johnson

Author(Lyrics)/Vocals - Jon Bland, Ella Hoffman

Drums - Alden Murdock

Recorded at Storyteller Sound

Performed by TMFT

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