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G.Rob Jamz - a soulful singer/rapper from Sonoma county, influenced by a variety of different music from bay area trap to lyrical boom bap sounds. Furthermore, he is a part of the SOAPBOYZ (Share Opportunities Amongst People), and consistently demonstrates loyalty to his friends, family, and community. 

Hailing from Sonoma County, G. Rob Jamz is a rapper and R&B singer who takes influence from the likes of E40, San Quinn and J Cole. Raised in Rohnert Park California, G. Rob entered the music scene at the early age of 14, putting together a 5 song album during his stint with the thrash band "Flipt". While playing at the Cotati Accordion Festival, G. Rob and his band mates were approached by Disney who offered to sign them and turn them into the next NSYNC. G.Rob was on board, but his band mates turned down the contract. 


G. Rob continued to pursue music in highschool, participating in choir classes and other school musical activities. G. Rob's interest in rapping began after school as he and his father would go home and rap along to Tupac and Biggie. As his highschool days ended he continued to make music but the realities of life began to set in. 


Music wasn’t paying the bills. He picked up a construction job to support himself and had to put his dreams on the back burner. The flame didn’t go out but continued to burn in the backdrop of his daily grind. This culminated when, in his thirties, G. Rob had his first and only child. Split between work, family, and music, G. Rob began feeling more pressure than ever to provide and succeed. Working long hours during the day while hitting the stage during the night, G. Rob puts it all on the table for himself and his family. This mindset in combination with signing to Don’t Flunk Me Records has resulted in G. Rob Jamz's return to music, stronger and better than ever before.


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