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Don’t Flunk Me Records is proud to present "Feedin' Love" by G. Rob Jamz, the first release in the two-part "G. Rob Pack" that presents the duality of Bay Area rapper G. Rob Jamz’s musical character. This track showcases the softer, passionate, loving side of G. Rob over a lush, soulful R&B instrumental. A majority of the vocals were recorded in a single session at Storyteller Sound Studios in Petaluma, California. 


G. Rob, a construction worker by day and rap artist by night walks the line between providing for his family and following his dreams as an artist. His conscious hip hop style has evolved from rough cuts in the basement studio to professional recordings and lyrical topics covering family, community, life in the Bay Area, and the struggle to make ends meet. The birth of his daughter brought unexpected changes to his musical career but also brought maturity to his lyrics and inspired him to strive for success in his music career. This culminated in a collaboration with Don’t Flunk Me Records, the student-run record label at Santa Rosa Junior College, who saw his potential and helped develop a pair of singles that showcase the two aspects of G. Rob’s phenomenal vocal abilities. In one world G. Rob’s classical training shines through with his provocative R&B performance and in the other, his wordsmithing takes the forefront with an aggressive West Coast hip/hop track about ambition and the struggle of survival.


G. Rob was introduced to music as a child playing the drums but later transitioned to vocals. Taking his knowledge from a choir class G. Rob began to rap and sing, ultimately falling in love with the craft. Before he knew it, G. Rob was opening up for Bay Area rappers such as San Quinn, Coolio Da Underdog, and J. Stalin. G. Rob is now focused on making his own wave in the Bay Area rap scene with his combination of r&b and rap music through new releases and touring the Bay Area club scene.

Label Team

Released by the 2022/23 DFMR class

Business and A&R:

Baylee Russell-Willis, Andy Bravo Hernandez


Chase Ransom, Carter Loveland, Juan Venegas, Alex Schieberl


Axel Sanchez, Andrew Cordano, Collin Sager


Caleb Poole, Danny Meza, Alexis Nuñez, Mayra Mercado

Production Credits

Mixing/Mastering Engineer - Jake Stillman

Mixing/Recording Engineer - Juan Venegas

Author(Lyrics)/Vocals - G.Rob Jamz

Performed by G.Rob Jamz

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