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           “Yeah Man I’m Sure About This” dives into the struggle and emotional turmoil of aspiring musicians trying to make it while dealing with the stresses of everyday survival. Songs like “Exhaust” capture that struggle by exploring the universal experience of confronting overwhelming emotions while Pink Flamingos depicts the story of young love and disapproval of your friends. Drawing inspiration from punk rock and modern indie/pop music, Jon describes this EP as “Raw, hot garbage that we stew into a lovely jambalaya that we call TMFT”. The six song EP was recorded at the SRJC recording studio by the student record label.

Label Team

Released by the 2023/24 DFMR class

Business and A&R:

Damen Folds, Catherine Aguilar, Irys Castellon


Liz Benincasa, Max Bohlke-Slater, Angie Eggers, Dieneji Hernandez, Levi Sanchez


Thomas Whitaker, Jake Fuiten, Cam Bermender, Gabriel Hebert


Alex Fabian-Davies, Ben Harp, Alan Cazares Tapia, Joel Johnson

Production Credits

Mixing/Mastering Engineer - Jake Stillman

Mixing/Recording Engineer - Jake Stillman, Joel Johnson

Author(Lyrics)/Vocals - Jon Bland, Ella Hoffman

Drums - Alden Murdock, Ren Dias, Brad Hoffman, Jake Stillman

Performed by TMFT

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